Reusable Stasher Bags

TT is passionate about sustainability, so much so, she quit her corporate job at one point to become an organic farmer before transitioning to work in the solar industry.

TT's mom loves using plastic bags. TT loves her mom dearly, yet cringes every time she sees mom stash away bags of single-use plastic bags that eventually end up in the garbage (and eventually landfill). TT knows it's not her mom's fault, I mean, don't we all have a bag full of single-use bags somewhere in our homes? She pleads for her mother to break this habit, yet realizes this is a near-impossible feat without a suitable, or better yet, superior replacement.

TT discovered Stasher bags and gifted her mother a set in her favorite colors. Her mother now happily stores fruits, veggies, peeled garlic, sliced lemons, and more in these baggies. She has even begun marinating, boiling, and microwaving food in these given how versatile and reliable these are. What became a headache for TT and the environment now is a source of joy and sustainable living for her family. Plus, the clear exterior makes the contents much easier to see as well, making fresh produce far less waste-prone from unknowingly going bad.

Occasionally, TT's dad will take a Stasher bag from the kitchen cupboard to serve as a waterproof/sand proof bag for his phone on beach trips. Gift your parents some Stashers and watch them get creative. Let's save the world together!