Parents Are Human Card Game

This interactive card game has completely transformed our relationship with our parents. This was created by our beloved JJ (see About Us), inspired by his desire to consciously rebuild his adult relationship with his parents.

TT loved this concept so much, she immediately made sure her parents had a deck as well for her weekly Zoom calls. This added structure and depth to all of her conversations and became so impactful, our entire friend pod began playing along with their parents as well.

Our mutual commitment and shared accountability to heal and nourish our relationship with our parents led to the birth of The Parent Project. Each week, we pull a card and agree to ask our parents the same question on our weekly Zoom conversations with our parents. We began learning so much about our parents, seeing our own reflections in them more clearly, and felt inspired to Livestream our weekly calls on The Parent Project Facebook page.

Join us and play along! We'd love to hear what you've learned from the conversations this deck will inspire.