Kewpie Sesame Dressing

We all know we "should" eat more veggies, yet being presented with a homemade salad can often feel dull or like punishment. When TT stayed at her parents' house and offered to make dinner for them, they lit up with joy. Their excitement quickly faded into confusion when they sat down at the dinner table with their eyes screaming, "you made us salad!?" After a few bites, her dad looked up and mumbled, "mmm, that's actually pretty good," as his skepticism turned into a happy grin. Alas, she unlocked the secret to re-pavloving her parents to enjoy salad- finding a great salad dressing.

We successfully repeated the salad for dinner experiment for a few more days, and as TT was packing up some leftover food to take back home with her, her parents made the surprising request for us to leave the rest of the salad dressing bottle with them. As we've re-ordered this exact dressing on multiple occasions, we hope this will be a hit with your family as well. We hope this inspires you and yours to look forward to eating your veggies!