Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker

TT always thought her mom was the best chef in the family, hands down. When TT received a request from her father to purchase an Instant Pot for him, it completely confused her. "You mean this is for mom right?" "No, it's for me to cook with." She spent the rest of the day both wondering what planet her father had suddenly woken up on and laughing at what could've possibly inspired her father to want to start cooking all of the sudden.

Weeks later, she started receiving photos of mouth-watering noodle stir-fry, ribs, and beef stews from her father in the family group chat. Turns out, her father was a closet chef, the kind who has a 6th sense and natural gift for cooking but keeps this hidden talent a secret to avoid the tedious process of cooking and manning a stove. The "set it and forget it" ease of Instant Pot life finally made cooking accessible for dad, clean up easy enough (especially since this doesn't require scrubbing down a stove-top), and most importantly...enjoyable!

As a tech-savvy man, this was not a kitchen gadget to my dad, it was a 7-in-1 food computer spaceship allowing him to finally bring his renaissance man reputation into the kitchen! Seriously though, the Instant Pot is so easy and fun to cook with, it makes cooking accessible for chefs of all skill levels. Even if all my mom needs is for fresh rice to be made, my dad proudly whips out the Instant Pot exclaiming he can get this made quicker than the rice cooker. If that isn't teamwork, I don't know what is. I hope this inspires collaboration and co-creation in the kitchen for your parents as well!