Hypervolt Percussion Massager

There always seems to be one member of the family who's better than giving massages than the others. To level the playing field, TT gifted this to her father, so he can deliver superior shoulder and back relief for her mother, with minimal exertion. More impact with less effort is definitely one of TT's father's love languages, especially when he receives even more verbal praise than otherwise.

The Hypervolt massager is incredibly powerful for myofascial release and easing stiffness and tightness anywhere on the body. Even on days where TT's father is too busy writing his next grant, the device is light-weight enough to where TT's mother can use this on herself while watching her favorite show on Netflix. The device comes with multiple attachments to optimize relief for different parts of the body. One charge also lasts 3 hours, making this a great travel companion for flights, etc. TT brings hers to the office, to the gym, on flights, and more. We can't wait to hear how your parents feel after using this.