Hair Drying Towel Turban

There's no worse feeling than going to bed with wet hair and waking up with damp and tangled hair. This was the norm for TT as she embodied "long hair don't care" a bit too literally. After all, fiercely rubbing her shower towel against her head was about the last thing she wanted to do after mustering what little energy she had leftover to climb into the shower, to begin with.

Her life changed when her mother (the OG long hair Queen) asked TT to re-order these magic hair drying towels (that she'd apparently been using for a while) as her previous set got lost in the move. After seeing her mother gracefully tie up her hair in this turban-style microfiber towel, TT was amazed at how securely the towel held on with the elastic loop and button contraption. She watched her mother effortlessly move from post-shower into washing fruit, tidying up the kitchen, and enjoying Netflix with the family without once having to readjust the hair towel. About 30 minutes later, she'd take out the towel with her hair mostly dried, let the air work it's magic for about 10 minutes before going to bed with perfectly dried hair.

Without the frizz and damage traditional towel drying method led to, TT finally learned the healthy hair habits of her beloved mother and has never turned back. Share the care for your mother's hair with this affordable and effective set of hair towels.