Dish Soap Dispenser

This gift alone has spared my parents the bickering around who's doing the dishes. The previous "pump-style" soap dispenser would often clog, resulting in having to unscrew the entire top to then pour out the dish soap. Not only was the amount of dish soap dispensed, poured, or squeezed out inconsistent, it took more time than necessary to "re-soap" the sponge in between washing several dishes. This created an impending feeling of dread mixed with doom for whoever's turn it was to do the dishes.

Now with this handy dandy device serves as a sponge holder and soap dispenser all in one. Not only does this dispense the same amount of dish soap every time while saving counter space, this also gives the dish sponge its own little docking station. Our parents adore using this and don't feel like they're wasting soap or wasting time. We love this product so much we bought one for our house, both our parents' homes and even one for an extended Airbnb we were once staying at. Home doesn't quite feel like home without this! We hope you find more joy in dish-washing with this handy contraption.