Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer

This is the perfect gift for a father who has a surprising amount of loose random objects in his backpack, yet is too shy to wear a man purse. TT noticed her father shuffling around his work bag to find random charging cables, batteries, pens, backup batteries, AirPods, keys, etc. and give him a discreet nudge to organize with this gift.

The interlacing grippy elastics make this a super versatile organizer for whatever big or small items your loved one may be lugging around. The minimalist yet practical design of this product makes this a reliable companion for any scenario (work, camping, travel, office drawer, etc.). TT's mom loved how fun this was. She asked for a pink version of this to fit inside her workbag as well.

As Benjamin Franklin says, "Every minute spent organizing is an hour earned." Save your loved one's time spent looking for the small things so they can do more of what makes them feel alive.