Bubbling Charcoal Face Masks

TT's mother takes her skincare routine very seriously. After all, how else would she frequently be mistaken for TT's sister 🤭?

After hearing about how much TT's mom loves these face masks, JJ ordered this 5-pack for his parents as well. JJ's dad sent an adorable selfie with this mask on, proving the case that self-care Sundays aren't just for moms.

This mask is the only one we've ever used that actually begins bubbling to deep-clean the pores and is gentle enough for all skin types. TT recently purchased 10 boxes of these to fulfill near a year's worth of self-care Sunday skincare rituals for her mother on her birthday. She's now inspired to create a skincare ritual with her mother once a week to Facetime while both apply and catch up as they wait for their masks to work some magic. Happy kin and happy skin! What more could you ask for?