About Us

Hellooooo! We’re Joseph and Tong-Tong (JJ & TT for short) and we’re just 2 kids that love our parents very much. It was JJ’s love for his mom that led TT to discover his existence when she read his story about honoring his mother’s love languages.

The two of them quickly discovered they shared the same dream of helping others find more freedom, love, and connection in their relationships, starting from our relationships at home. They also fell in love and decided to walk hand in hand in fulfilling their life missions (more on our sappy love story later ).

As the only children of immigrant parents, we find ourselves constantly thinking of new ways to stay connected with our parents. Our desire to create meaningful conversations with our families, increase their quality of living, as well as fill their homes with thoughtful expressions of our love sparked the idea to create this website.

TT’s love of gift-giving and the CPG world combined with JJ’s practicality and purpose-oriented gifting style lends to a thoughtfully curated catalog of products we’ve personally gifted our parents and believe will spread love to your families as well. Every upgrade we make in our parents’ lives doubles as a thoughtful reminder of our love and care, allowing our parents to feel connected to us in between our weekly phone calls.

Thank you for stopping by and following our journey!